Friday, December 21, 2007

Rust Belt Globalization

There is a blogosphere buzz over the impact new immigrants could have on rust belt regions. Immigration was one of the focuses of a radio program looking at regional impacts of globalization with a focus on the rust belt. For more see (or listen to) Global 3.0 produced by American Radio Works a couple years ago. A Pittsburgh specific segment was "The Rustbelt, Again?".

But to link that to something a bit more recent on globalization in the traditional rust belt. There is news that pretty soon parts of Ford Motor Company will be sold to Tata of India. Read more from the Times of India today: Vroom with a whew! Tatas set for motown debut. Which lead me to catch something a bit off topic, but coincidentally about a ship I served on briefly. Globalization or not, there is a sad commentary on the state of cultural awareness in the US in the very first paragraph of this article on the sale of the former USS Trenton to the Indian Navy.

Taking those snippets altogether I can't help but wonder what the angst will be like if US Steel really does ever get sold to a foreign company......


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