Monday, December 24, 2007

Second City Cometh

Just because I spent a few hours in Canada earlier in the month... Adfreak wonders whether the ongoing writers strike will eventually force viewers in the US to endure some Canadian TV.

Actually it was kind of sad, the local papers in Toronto all had public service advertisements discussing potential new passport regulations to get into the US which were very uninviting. And the loonie is now worth the same as our dollar which makes it expensive to head north. Of course, the converse angle is will Canadians start flocking into Pennsylvania for cheap Christmas presents (no sales tax of clothing even)? I know more than a few people who had relatives who went to college in Canada because the exchange rate and lower tuition rates made it a pretty good option. I wonder if that will continue at these exchange rates?

Long ago, over on Pittsblog, I mused over the lack of inclusion of Canada in regional economic development thinking. I think it's closer to get to Toronto than to Philadelphia depending on traffic. Is there a Buffacleverontoburgh out there eh?


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