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You may have seen the news stories about Pittsburgh being ranked as the 9th most walkable. You can read the entire Brookings report online: Footloose and Fancy Free: A Field Survey of Walkable Urban Places in the Top 30 U.S. Metropolitan Areas.

And that was all with data before the Hot Metal bike/pedestrian bridge was completed. Subtle huh? See the comments on the previous post for some of the reaction to the idea I posted for (re)naming at least part of the span.


Blogger Adam said...

That just might be the lamest report ever put out with the Brookings name.
1) Based on the "experiences and observations" of the author? Plus "web-based searches"!
2) A dubious distinction between regional-serving and local-serving areas?
3)Typos like "Silver Springs" and "Sommerville" and "Manyunk"?
4) Inconsistency in labeling areas as "downtown" vs. "downtown adjacent"?

#2 also seems like a pointless distinction unless you are surveying "most walkable cities" for tourists or convention-goers rather than trying to come up with some reasonable measure of how much the average person living in a metro area is likely to be able to do much of their daily business on foot.

But of course I take pride in living in the most walkable city in Pennsylvania.

And I love the idea that we have a "starter" rail system. Does that mean we get to trade it in for a bigger one in a few years?

And at least he does acknowledge that some more "rigorous, systematic" research needs to be done.

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