Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another primary down....

Writes Like She Talks has a pointer to what my be the most useful political blogs out there for in-depth analysis: PolySigh with a myriad of political science professor/blogger authors.

And just because it's in the news that Ron Francis withdrew last week from his announced bid for PA's 4th congressional district, setting up a rematch of between incumbent congressman Jason Altmire and former congresswoman Melissa Hart... here is the map I put up before of how the original race went:

We'll come back to this in the fall. But again, I think all these congressional races are soon to be impacted by reapportionment that will happen following the 2010 Census. Could be some pretty big changes in the shapes of these districts even if Pennsylvania loses just one congressional seat which is the conventional wisdom. Thus one of the reasons the current and next cycles of state legislative races are so important is because who controls Harrisburg in just a few years will determine how that redistricting goes.

Related trivia on that: if Pennsylvania goes from 19 to 18 congressional seats it will put the Pennsylvania delegation at exactly half of the largest delegation it ever sent which was made up of 36 congressional districts during the 1910's.

Not a new book, but for a lot of history on one of those moved/consolidated congressional districts locally is in: