Friday, January 18, 2008


You know... it's hard not to comment on the news that certain (and only certain) blogs are now blocked to City of Pittsburgh employees. I think my daily hit count has been cut in half. I have to admit I am confused anyone has time to read any blogs on the city's dime as it were. To the best of my recollection the policy of limiting city employees to a half hour a day on the web has never been publicly recanted. Anyone remember that? But I can't get out of my head the connection between this issue and this old advertisement (h/t to Adfreak) that has been dug up by a site called 2Spare.

But that got me on a stream of conscience thinking about blogs that could or should exist. Blogs seem to have hit the proverbial tipping point with new blogs popping up everywhere. I don't think I could run these myself, but for those looking for a blog-theme here are a few thoughts of blogs that should be started or re-started: actually exists, but looks like it has not been updated since 2002. Anyone have any idea who grabbed that name? This exists as well with only some old dead content. You would think that such a big employer might spawn some employee-based blog to spread gossip and innuendo if nothing else. Even has been taken, but has no content whatsover. Is there an extant un-official Giant Eagle blog out there? same. Taken but content-less. But it is not for our UPMC but for the Universal Pain Management Center. Maybe it is really the same place?

I saw a mention of a Cleveland history blog... maybe we need (available as of the time I type).

speaking of history... would be an interesting one to watch.... if it existed that is.

maybe for the blog deprived city employees:

Speaking of (former) city employees... I think Sophie should start a blog. Maybe something like

any other notional blog ideas out there? We need to make sure we are not caught in an inter-regional blog gap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you should run for Lisa Bennington's seat. Are you in the district?

Saturday, January 19, 2008 10:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously! That would be awsome!

Saturday, January 19, 2008 8:33:00 PM  
Blogger C. Briem said...

First off… Thanks Mom for the endorsement. Well, actually the day my mother starts commenting on blogs is the day I will know for sure the world has changed.

Secondly, thanks for the thought. But most seriously, since this question came up in person as well, I figure I actually need to respond explicitly. I do appreciate the sentiment, but I am not running for office, I have no plans to run for office and would say that the possibility of me running for office is really remote. I would make this into the more Sherman-esque type of hypothetical denial (“If elected, I will not serve” and all of that), but won’t only because I think that would sound ridiculously presumptive on my part.

Monday, January 21, 2008 7:55:00 PM  

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