Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Important is Quality of Life?

Area Development Magazine asks: How Important is Quality of Life? Is it a new question? Here is a conclusion about Pittsburgh's future:

...the Pittsburgh region's future depends to such a major extent upon retaining and attracting highly qualified and professional and technical people and business enterprisers, who are in demand everywhere and who command a high standard of residential amenity and cultural and professional opportunities.

What is surprising is that this quote isn't anything new. This all comes from Region With a Future. Volume 3 of the Economic Study of the Pittsburgh Region. Produced by the Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association. Edgar Hoover, Study Director. Published by the University of Pittsburgh Press. in 1964.


Blogger Unknown said...

Chris, something worth recognizing is that while this news isn't necessarily new, it shows that the ongoing strength, vitality, diversity, future and development of a city (going back to Paul Petersen's City Limits) that the need for cities to retain the best and the brightest and such retention allowing for ongoing strengthening and development of strategic cities has been a prime mover in most post-industrial developed nation. I mean, you are correct to scoff at a recycled public policy statement that does seem to accurately reflect that minute trends that are exhibiting themselves in the city and the region, it still rings true, because this might be one of the more static constants that we will encounter in the economic development/recession/rebirth of a city and a region. It's interesting that you have that source note.

Hey, it's Dave Simon, from BGC and SSLDC. I'll email you shortly and we'll get coffee and catch up if you have time. Hope things are well.

Take care

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 11:10:00 AM  

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