Sunday, January 20, 2008

those elusive innovation metrics

On Friday the Commerce Department announced a major step forward in trying to measure innovation. Instead of me even trying to parse that huge topic (where do you begin?), they even have a web site dedicated to the topic which is kind of an innovation in itself: The full report just released is: Innovation Measurement: Tracking the State of Innovation Measurement in the American Economy.

OK. I lie, I am unable to remain parse-free. While innovation and entrepreneurship are not the same thing, they are often talked about together. How long has entrepreneurship been an issue in Pittsburgh? Old Pittsblog readers may recall this thread of thought, but you have to go and read: CONTRASTS IN AGGLOMERATION: NEW YORK AND PITTSBURGH. By Benjamin Chiniz who was the department chair in Economics back then at the University of Pittsburgh. Published in the American Economic Review,Papers and Proceedings,Vol. 51, 1961, pp. 279-289. A long time ago yes? Yet I'm not so sure you can't make some of the same arguments today. (if you are at a participating university, you can read the original via JSTOR).


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