Monday, February 25, 2008

biz past, biz future... biz present?

Future? Taxes high? Taxes low? I don't know, but there was a story in the Baltimore Sun last week about how Pennsylvania is trying to entice tech firms to leave Maryland due to a new tax on computer services there among other things.

Past: Today in 1901: US Steel was incorporated.

Present: I think I have seen my first true Smartcar sighting in the Burgh, I'm sure there are others. Looks like someone down the street from me actually owns one. Just guessing it exists, but is there a Smartcar club in town? Somewhere I have a picture of the first smartcar I saw in Germany a decade or so ago. Just wondering if the whole micro-car technology is going to be overtaken soon by air-cars. I also wonder whether it is technically legal in Pennsylvania for someone to park nose-in to the curb in a spot designed for parallel parking?


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