Thursday, February 14, 2008

Defense impact

A minor news story is that a Norweigan defense company is opening a manufacturing plant in Johnstown... Interesting in itself a bit. A new manufacturing plant? But it sparked a stray neuron in my head. People get upset on a regular basis over something or another in Pittsburgh code that is not being enforced or implemented. There are a lot of things buried in city code that are just plain overlooked or completely forgotten about. Something esoteric, but related to the defense story is this which is directly from Section 204 of the Pittsburgh Code of Ordinances:

4. The mayor shall present an annual report on the tax monies paid per capita and the citizens of the City of Pittsburgh to the federal government that is allocated to military spending. The report shall include an analysis of the impact of the military budget on the City's economy in relation to jobs and social services. The mayor shall advertise this analysis in two prominent daily newspapers in the City.

That all happened once I do believe. May be a unique legal opinion on the definition of 'annual'. A bottoms up review of the city's home rule charter might not be a bad thing at some point.


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