Wednesday, February 20, 2008

medianomics far and near

First off, Writes Like She Talks gives a heads up to this newsoid in Advertising Age stating that 1 in 4 media jobs have gone away since 2000. Must be the fault of all those citizen-journalists springing up.

Then if you have noticed the PG now going into video classifieds... here is a post explaining a bit more on Alan Jacobsen whose business it is producing that service for newspapers. The PG btw has broken into the list of top 30 newspaper web sites for the first time... first I know of at least. By size of MSA (which isn't the media market I do know), Pittsburgh is the smallest market represented on that list.

Speaking of video in the traditional ink media. I really am curious.. does anyone regularly watch the daily video news that is put up by the Pittsburgh Business Times? Wherever it is originating from that is. Also, PBT has a story relevant to the issue I mentioned of digital TV conversion. They report on a study saying that Pittsburgh is relatively prepared for the digital switchover.

Look out below... see the tiff that has sprung up between CP's CP and former Burghopolitan Rich Florida. First what was in the City Paper's new online political column Slag Heap, and RF's reply.

and completely non sequitur... but you may notice that the blog world is again recirculating a supposed "letter to America" from John Cleese with his explanation that the Queen is revoking the Declaration of Independence and repatriating the US. One problem is that the first version of the letter was years ago and even then its attribution to John Cleese is an urban legend. But with everything there is a Pittsburgh angle. One part of letter explains:
You will learn that the suffix ‘burgh’ is pronounced ‘burra’; you may elect to spell Pittsburgh as ‘Pittsberg’ if you find you simply can’t cope with correct pronunciation.
That logic of course does not recognize the presence of "L's" in "North Versailles" either. Thank goodness for Phonics. Speaking of which, I have been told to apologize to the pothole-deities for making light of their power. A crater pothole all but took out the front of my car yesterday in North Versailles. I bet Guy Costa gets pinged on about that one as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so the PG's unique audience declined by 10 percent over the past year... yet it broke into the Top 30. strange

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 1:14:00 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Am I the only person who just doesn't get the video blog stuff? I'd rather read the news at my own steady pace then wait for it to be delivered to me.

Say I'm reading an article. I come across a boring paragraph. I'll just skim it until I reach a paragraph that interests me more and pick up my reading. I can't do that with video blogs.

Thursday, February 21, 2008 9:36:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Matthew...I don't quite get the video blogging yet either. Mostly from the perspective of, it's much faster to type something than to have to create the video, edit, upload, etc. Also I love to read, and my brain absorbs things better if I can read them.

But that's just me. A lot of people are more visual (most guys are) and I think you can have a lot of fun with video. Depending on what you're using it for.

Speaking of which...and speaking of the video classifieds mentioned in the article, I run a site called that also features video classifieds--we're one of the first to do this.

We also added a bit of a twist--instead of just free, we PAY users just for listing with us! It's our way of giving something back to our users.

Would love to hear more what people think about the video classifieds concept.

Check out and let us know!


Friday, February 22, 2008 3:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video classifieds are the way of the future. Imagine seeing a walk-through of that house for sale, or a full 360 of that sports car you're thinking about buying. People are 82% more likely to buy something after viewing a video than just seeing a pic. has definitely got a good thing going. Go Listie!

Friday, February 22, 2008 7:13:00 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

Hmmm... How odd that there are two endorsements for a website that doesn't even exist.

Besides, even if it did exist, who would I want to spend 30-60 seconds to figure out what's for sale. A quick text description and a few pictures are adequate. If I wanted MORE detail afterwards, then maybe a video would be useful. However, I can't imagine many circumstances where that would be the case.

Sunday, February 24, 2008 10:00:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi again Matthew...actually does exist, I think maybe something got messed up in the links.

Just go to to see it.

Also, there are still text and photo ads there, in addition to video classifieds. The video is simply an option, and you can even include text and a photo with your video ad.

As for how it would be's great for a business that wants to add a personal touch, or create a viral video to help promote their biz, or if someone wants to show more detail (think house or car) or prove that something mechanical works (lawnmower, blender, vacuum cleaner).

It all depends on what the user wants, and they have the option to keep it simple or add the depth with the video.

Hope this helps!

Sunday, February 24, 2008 10:27:00 AM  
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