Thursday, February 07, 2008

Parlez vous Pittsburghese?

Ok... obligatory comment on the plan to inspire more Parisian cafe seating at Downtown restaurants. Yes, I like the idea. But I have to say that I had this optimisitc thought on the future of Downtown cuisine a couple years ago when I saw the crepe cart operating in front of the City County Building. But then to the best of my knowledge that enterprise ceased. To my good friends in the media seeking off-beat stories, I would track down whomever that was and ask them how that business got started, how it fared, and why it ceased... unless it is still operating in warmer seasons and I just have not been hanging out in front of 414 Grant Street enough.

update: Ha. Paris on the Mon is such an incongruous thought to the rest of the world that it has prompted coverage in the Governing Blog. I say we start calling the South Side the South Bank. or maybe the wards arrondissements.


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