Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make that the 91st neighborhood in the city

I thought it would be interesting to track all the national news coverage Pennsylvania will be getting over the next month. What I didn't think about until I read an article sourced from the Philly Inquirer is just how foreign the two ends of the state can truly be from each other. The Philly Inquirer sourced this article which was ran in the Beaver County Times on Friday: Clinton campaigns on energy policy in Pennsylvania. The article had this line:
Earlier, Clinton stopped in the city’s Bloomville (sic) section for her energy-related meeting with reporters, held in the service bay of a gas station.
Bloomville? Certainly not in the list of Pittsburgh neighborhoods these days. An honest error I am not trying to overplay, but this is from a newspaper in our own state. I bet folks in Weirton are familiar enough with the city to not make that type of mistake. And just for added measure, CBS ran another story on Friday saying:
After introductions from Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Allegheny County Executive Director David Onorato, Clinton promised the crowd....
David Onorato of course being the head of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority.


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