Sunday, March 16, 2008

diasporas past: the road to Coolacloy..... and back

I would say this is off-topic, but nothing Irish is off topic in Pittsburgh... especially this weekend. Just an obligatory post in honor of St. Patrick's day. My great grandfather was one Patrick Halloran who was an American citizen that actually emigrated to Ireland in the late 19th century. Family lore is that he was involved with the Molly Maguires in NE Pennsylvania and was forced to flee the country in some haste. He would marry Mary Ann Coyne and all 9 of their surviving children would emigrate to the US, many to Pittsburgh and environs, from Coolacloy, County Galway over a century ago. That does mean that if you are an O'Halloran, Joyce or Coyne, or married to an O'Halloran, Joyce or Coyne locally, we are probably related.

Try and find Coolacloy on a map. The picture on the right is what the road to Coolacloy looked like a decade ago. Actually the road became much little less 'formal' just past the point where this picture was taken and well before it finally reached the 'town' which is the picture below. Given the growth over there this may all be a shopping mall by now.. well, maybe not, but still its a different Ireland than the past.

and just for a cross cultural postscript. I always wondered what those from elsewhere thought of some of the St. Patty Day festivities. For that, if you run into him say hello to itinerant Pittsburgher FRANS HERMANTO .


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Frans Hermanto's account is priceless.


Monday, March 17, 2008 10:09:00 AM  

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