Monday, March 31, 2008

Singles Burgh.. no, really... there is a map.

Richard Florida et al has work in the Boston Globe over the weekend on where the singles are (or aren't). Take a look at the dot representing the 'excess' single women in Pittsburgh. Proof of a great dating scene for men in town? Part of it has to be the concentration of students here which are more and more likely to be women in college and graduate school.... but its more complicated than that of course. They filter out the elderly, but do count up to age 64, so there still is an age/health impact (men die earlier). And a lot of urban areas suffer from the selective nature of incarceration, see what I posted a few days ago on how Forest County, PA has the highest percentage of men in the Commonwealth. When you look at that national map, you also have to take into account international immigration which is more made of men than women as well. I am pretty sure several of those large 'excess men' bubbles are military concentrations as well.

I can't resist but point out some of the confusions here at least when looking at the demographics of singles in town... which I went over in this old post: Unbearkable Confusion of Two Sided Matching - or Forbes Strikes Again.