Thursday, March 13, 2008

things that matter: libraries and you

Sometimes the more important news almost gets lost in the shuffle. There is usually media attention when a local municipality is forced to disband its local police force. An important issue for sure. Also the crisis in local volunteer fire departments gets a little attention. Barely noticed is this news item today that explains how some local libraries can't stay open. A bigger issue than you may think when you consider the economic impact of libraries across Pennsylvania.

Which brings to mind an old post on school districts. There has not been much news of late of how the forced integration of Duquesne School students into neighboring districts that is going on. That has to be one of the more important local government stories of late. It came to mind because I noticed that more than a few people have hit this blog of late via a blog search for "Woodland Hills Wilkinsburg School District Merger"... something I have neither written about nor think is being talked about.. interesting.


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