Tuesday, April 01, 2008

meta meta blogging: the state of blog relations

Writes Like She Talks gives a heads up to something that may be needed in the Burghosphere. A PR firm has put out a white paper of sorts on the State of Blog Relations. It seems to address the nexus of the Blog world and Public Relations, however defined.

WLST also points out another factoid that I missed. In some population data released last week, it seems that Cincinnati has grown to now be larger than Cleveland for the first time ever. Should we be worried? If current trends continue the Cincinnati region will be larger than Pittsburgh in 2018, not that far away. Better get some more people to move out to Lawrence County, but keep their jobs closer to Pittsburgh. We need to add Lawrence county to the MSA so we don't suffer the ignomity of Cleveland's fate, or at least stave it off for a few more years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't the "first time ever" that Cincy has been bigger than Cleveland. Cincy was the bigger city/region/metro throughout the 1800s, as it was one of the first interior "boomtowns"... booming a couple decades before Pittsburgh began its ascent in the mid-1800s (even though we were established earlier).

I don't know about about Pittsburgh MSA's 7 counties vs. Cincy MSA's 15 or so counties... but data concerning the core counties of Allegheny vs. Hamilton shows that we were on the better side of the migration transaction from 2000-2005.

Interestingly, Pittsburgh MSA annually has about 6,000 less births than the smaller Cincy MSA. Cincy MSA adds about 11,000 through natural increase while we are losing about 3,000 in that measure. The only way we'll be able to avert the embarrassing fate of Cincy passing us... is if we substantially exceed their rate of job growth... (we're pretty equal over the past year) and if the currently stable Cincy market succumbs to the overall malaise of the Ohio economy... which has suffered its worst job losses this decade since the Great Depression (not that I wish that fate upon Cincy... but I really don't want them to pass us!)

Also, there is the potential that Cincy and Dayton could be combined into a CSA... I still think it's unlikely... but you never know... that CSA would be about 3.1 million, way bigger than our Pittsburgh-New Castle CSA (maybe we'll get to add Weirton some day ha!)

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