Friday, April 11, 2008


That Rustbelt place: h/t to Polysigh for a heads up to a new blog: Rustbelt Intellectual.

Saintly Pittsburgh? and now we are measuring some important things... see Forbes' compilation America's Most Sinful Cities. We are pretty... unsinful? Reminds me that I have a friend who worked at a company that collected data on pharmaceutical sales across the country. I once joked with him that if I could get that data I could come up with a Viagra Index for regions of the country. Could have some fun with the media with something like that. Someone will do it eventually.

Evermore PA coverage: Philly Inquirer had a good writeup yesterday on the changing population trends in Pennsylvania. Today they follow it up with: A Tale of Two Cities.. and the Economist weighs in with: Welcome to the Super Bowl subtitled Post-industrial Pennsylvania will decide whether Hillary Clinton can continue with her presidential bid.

iPhone-less Burgh: I just thought it curious that this Business Week story references the Apple store in Shadyside as a case in point about how the international iPhone shortage extends even to Pittsburgh. Wasn't there some brief story and debate when the iPhone was first introduced that the Pittsburgh store was one of the few that did not immediately run out of stock? I forget the details on that.

Lessons from Alabama: Here is an interesting headline from Jefferson County, AL: Bond insurers pledge to work with Jefferson County on debt crisis. Did anyone ever get think of talking to Pittsburgh bond insurers when looking at the long term financial plan. and Bloomberg weighs in with: Largest U.S. Municipal Bankruptcy Looms in Alabama. There is an interesting question in that of what you are measuring to come up with descriptors like 'largest'.

Back at home. Not to be self-referential, but before people start asking.... If you read McNulty's piece in the PG today: Black Democrats torn between candidates. Most of the data from me he is referencing is all in this: Voting Patterns by Race in Allegheny County.


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The Philly Inquirer is running cliche-ridden article after cliche-ridden article about Greater Pittsburgh. Oh well... I guess it gives them an ego boost.

Friday, April 11, 2008 8:33:00 PM  

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