Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Morning

Any news story that mentions Straub Beer in the first sentence is worth a read, let alone one that links beer and book-lovers. From the Philly Inquirer: A book club that keeps writing new chapters.

Speaking of Straub, I thought Sam had come back when I saw the quote from Antirust in the Sunday paper. I wonder if the PG realized they quoted a blog entry from 3 months ago?
Which bring up those those who may be moving away. Something I should have caught, but again Jim R. has the scoop. Academia meet Steeler Nation: The Journal of Sport and Social Issues has Football Bars, Sports Television, Sports Fandom, and the Management of Home, by ...Kraszewski .2008; 32: 139-157. It's main topic: the "ethnography of a Pittsburgh Steelers fan club in Fort Worth". It really is quite a sweeping look at Pittsburgh culture. In it the author works in mentions of polkas, George Romero, Iron City Beer and Tommy Maddox among other things. I was hoping that this was funded my someone out there, I would have been sure to give them a call. But it looks like an entirely self-funded bit of research. The biggest expense was probably the beer.
As for the Steelers... if you are confused over the news about land and the Stadium Authority on North Side, don't feel bad. How can anything make sense when we keep talking about a "stadium authority" that has no stadium, nor plans to build a stadium. At the very least they should rename it don't you think?
and finally.. a hometown perspective on the Steelers top draft pick.
Steelers.... steel.... a pointer from Steel Strip World leads to this article today in the UK's Telegraph on the state of the Steel industry worth a read: The bell rings time for the steel boom.


Blogger EdHeath said...

Yeah, I keep hoping to see Cognitive Dissonance in the Cutting Edge column (my blog, not their logic, I hope), but nothing yet. Instead an entry on a blog that has not been updated in months (Sam has apparently been away).

You might want to look at "The Parkway Left", an apparently old style radical blog (I guess) that is wondering about DOn Barden's finances. They seem to be somewhat frustrated in their search for data on Detroit. I wonder if they tried the city website or the local univeristies

Monday, April 28, 2008 5:17:00 PM  
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