Wednesday, April 02, 2008

most mediocre first-place team ever

Too funny... now that they have started out the season 1-0, Slate declares the Pirates "the most mediocre first-place team in baseball history." Farther down in that running article there is a section where the author suggests prodding the presidential candidates to come up with plans on how to save the Pirates from themselves. It gets worse... they quote a Washington Post article that goes:
Okay, folks, here's the deal: We need to fill precisely 4.22 column-inches of type with information about the faceless, tasteless Pirates, and as usual we're not sure we can do it. But guess what? We're already at .95 inches, and we're just getting started! Wait—make that 1.19 inches. ... Should they finish below .500 again (and let's be honest, how can they not?), they will tie the Phillies of 1933-48 for the most consecutive losing seasons. (By the way, that's 3.53 inches, and we haven't even had to mention new manager John Russell, Capps's promise as a closer or the vast potential of the Snell-Gorzelanny duo.) There: 4.22 inches. Piece of cake."


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