Monday, April 07, 2008

PA still under the microscope

The national media focus on Pennsylvania continues. Who can make sense of any of this.

AP reports on: Pitched Contest for Pa. Youth Vote. Yet Politio says: No campus surge for Obama in Pa

AP says: As economy worsens, Obama says rivals are behind the curve. Locally, why things may not be going as expected. One of the regions within the state that typically fares less well economically has a counterintuitive perspective. One local headline over the weekend is: Fay-Penn says economy making progress

Maybe it takes an outsider's perspective? What do the Brits think? They are just as confused. Cool map though.

and just random media you may have missed. On Friday the WSJ had a writeup on the quasi-profit health care industry in the US with some obligatory mentions of UPMC. See: Nonprofit Hospitals, Once For the Poor, Strike It Rich - With Tax Breaks, They Outperform For-Profit Rivals. By JOHN CARREYROU and BARBARA MARTINEZ. April 4, 2008; Page A1

on the Cleveburgh watch....From Brewed Fresh Daily is this blog post: Multiple Cities? Too Soon Too Fast.


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