Tuesday, April 22, 2008

That's why they count the ballots

No need for me to make any state maps, the GIS world is full of good maps these days. Here is CNN's version. I was just looking at Union County there showing up as an OB county which it is... but it's from 4K Democratic party voters. That probably puts it at half the number of voters who came out in Bloomfield. Though Cameron County, which came in for HC, accounted for a total 655 Democratic Party votes between BOTH of them. That is on par with the number of votes cast within 2-3 blocks of my house.

But this is really why they count the ballots. This is fairly amazing:

Election Returns for District 21

Redistribute 150 votes or so and you can get an absolutely perfect 3 way split. While I clearly didn't have the guts to call this race any more than others, at least I mentioned him as a serious contender from the start. Whoever you supported, it's worth noting that Costa must have been outspent several fold by either of the other two in this race. It seems that while most were talking about Bodack and Frazier, less heed was paid to Costa. Bodack had both money and the ACDC endorsement, Brenda had her elected office (until she had to resign per the county charter that restricts a sitting county council person from seeking another office) and some significant financial support. But Costa with none of that, and no obvious campaign organization, pulls it out. It's hard to tell how much the Drink Tax debate, or the old Living Wage vote affected BF support but at these margins, everything mattered. It all brings to mind the odd circumstances that there is an open seat to begin with here which was the cause of my musings in Be Careful What you Wish For.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hells Bells!

Bodak was endorsed by AC/DC and still lost? In Pittsburgh?

I'm Thunderstruck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 10:52:00 PM  
Blogger C. Briem said...

More typical than people think. Motznik originally won not just without the endorsement, but by running as an independent against the endorsed Democrat. Shields won office against the endorsed Democrat. If you go back in time you will find others who were originally elected without endorsement.

Bodack was also endorsed by the Young Democrats of Allegheny County. Go figure.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:40:00 AM  

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