Tuesday, April 08, 2008

voter registration

PG follows up on stories about how Pennsylvania voter registration may see all time record.... yet it seems to not be the case in Allegheny County at all, which is still below peaks of recent years.

Here is the recent trend in Pennsylvania Voter Registration among major parties. Which is for November of each year and does not include the most recent data being reported in the news, but not officially compiled yet. News accounts say the D number has gone to 4.2 mil and the R number down a bit. We may learn a lot by looking at where in the state the new potential voters are registering when enough data comes out. The changes seem to be focused in specific areas of the state.

I don't like registration numbers for the most part. especially for comparisons with the past. The conflate real and notional voters who are on the roles solely because of motor voter and other sources which have been adding inactive voters to the roles in increasing numbers. For some more detail on registration stats in the county, I once looked at the perennial belief that there were somehow nonexistent voters impacting local elections. I beat that topic to death in this old post: Mythical Dead Voter.


WSJ's Gerald Seib has an early look today at the fall election geography from both sides of the aisle: Blue states, red states, big states? Voters could redraw electoral map.


and to use their terms... one laurel and one lance to the online Trib.

They have a really nice flash graphic of some Pennsylvania Voter Demographics if you have not seen it.

The lance you ask? I have been trying to make sure that this was not some uncaught malware on my computer, but I am pretty sure it isn't and it is only happening for certain online links on the Trib. But on that link above and selected other stories, I have clearly seen the Trib redirecting clicks to Digg.com before bringing up pages. It's not obvious and I think it is being done randomly (i.e. not everytime you bring it up to make it less obvious), but it is certainly happening for me. Anyone else notice that? If true, it's not exactly the way it's supposed to work.


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