Friday, April 18, 2008

Who are you going to vote for......

No, not Hillary or Obama... but are you supporting John, Rob, Dennis or Jennifer? Many of you are going to be faced with that exact question next week.


Flipping channels last night I came across a debate for candidates running to be Pennsylvania State Treasurer. It is the only contested primary among Pennsylvania row offices this cycle actually. (on the D side that is, Tom has no opposition in the R primary). Not exactly a show most would be interested in, but you figure if there was any audience at all it would include me. I could stand all of about 90 seconds of it before I reached my pain threshold. What was kind of funny was that they would occasionally scan the audience wherever this was being held. From the expressions in the sparse audience it looked like a class in a reeducation camp. Somewhere the boss said go down and watch the debate and I am not sure most were happy about it. The moderator didn't even seem like she wanted to be there even.

The only thing I could give the candidates or the producers credit for was that the answers being given were short and concise.. in the 90 seconds I watched I think I heard several answers given, whereas in some of these presidential debates it takes that long as preamble before anyone starts to answer a question. You almost forget the question by the time you get to anything resembling an answer.

I once did a little consulting trying to figure out what drives state row offices results in these primaries. The answer was not much. Some support will go to candidates from voters' home regions where presumably they may be known. Some support will go to those who have run in the past. You see some gender impact, the very few women running for Pennsylvania state offices means that if there is a woman running she gets some small benefit. but beyond that it has historically been a whole lot of white noise.

Want to know more? You can read the AP coverage of the race.


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