Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was probably a bit obvious, but most of the posts last week were pre-written. I did sneak in that obligatory post on Jero, but otherwise I have been away and mostly Internet-less, even TV-less for much of the last week. You know what I realized, unless you are deeply buried in the context, reading about things like 'banner-gate' come across as remarkably silly. In context, I understand it, but being out of the loop for just a few days made me wonder what the deal was and I have to believe most folks don't care enough about the machinations on Grant Street to really absorb much of it even when covered by the local news. Just too much other stuff to care about.

But speaking of the Penguins. So here is me looking amazingly dour with my Pittsburgh Penguins cap on top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland. I didn't really know I looked so glum. I will blame it on the lack of oxygen, but it sure does represent the mood in Penguins nation after the first couple games.

Sad but true, it's the best picture I have with the Penguins cap which I soon thereafter accidentally left on a train speeding across Europe. I wonder if whoever found it realizes what a rare souvenir they have for that side of the pond. Hopefully it will be worth even more in a few days.