Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Angels in the Neutral Zone

Anyone awake?

update: I had started to wonder this, however I am not enough of a sports expert to expound on the subject authoritatively... But Mondesihouse has raised the question of just how great last nights (this morning's) hockey game was? Was it one of the best NHL games ever?

Funny little world, Penguins games are too expensive for me to go to too many. But if you look at the list of longest hockey games ever, I was actually at the game in May of 2000 which is listed as the 4th longest game ever. So I had visions last night that it would last until dawn.


Blogger Burgher Jon said...

Let's see that post was at 6:33am, at that point I was still in my bed, my alarm had been beeping for 3 minutes and would continue to beep for another 15 before it got my attention.

Good to see the fine academics of our city didn't succumb to hockey fever this morning (as about half the people at my current occupation did).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 9:02:00 AM  

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