Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things that really matter - again

I was reminded by a small note in the Trib that the lawsuit fighting the transfer of students from the now semi-defunct Duquesne school district to neighboring districts is still ongoing. Isn't the collapse of a school system one of the major news stories we should be focusing on. Maybe if they were trying to put up banners in inappropriate places it would be worth talking about more.

People have already forgotten what may be one of the more important stories of last year when the Duquesne school district closed its high school and the state passed a law that sent those students, fairly involuntarily, to two nearby districts. When you consider the acrimony that surrounded this plan, let alone the obvious difficulties involved in assimilating a large group of students into new schools at the last minute and with little notice.... somebody really ought to give some credit to the teachers and administrators of West Mifflin and East Allegheny. I am sure there were problems that arose that did not make the news, but the fact that this all happened as seamlessly as it did is pretty remarkable. Somebody ought to give them an award for being professions under uncommonly difficult circumstances.


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