Wednesday, June 18, 2008

transit beyond the burgh

Ohio... it's just up the road. Read about Ohio's Transportation Conversation.

and I wonder how many local folks are attending the Third International Conference on Funding Transport Infrastructure. Their agenda sure sounds like a lot of familiar issues. It's in Paris however. I hope some academics are there, but I bet PennDOT folks would be afraid of the media taking them to task for foreign excursions if they went. Yeah, I know there is an Oslo joke in there, but I like Norway.

Governing posts about the National Congestion Scorecard and the list of 100 most conjested metros. The report card on Pittsburgh lists the worst bottlenecks in the region. It makes me wonder if the media folks who report on traffic every day really exist or if they just read down this same list every day.

ok.. this isn't transit related but..... Really stretching the envelope on government transparency is this site just launched by the New York State Comptroller: It claims to be a searchable database of spending at all state agencies and all related contracts. Wow. Bets on when we get that in Pennsylvania or locally.


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