Wednesday, July 02, 2008

diaspora illuminati redux

Should we talk more about the state of the casino? billboards? impending Port Authority strike? Arena funding? Pension liabilities? Ugh..... I depress myself. Maybe some trivia therapy will help.

I was joking when I first said this, but maybe the Pittsburgh diaspora does acts as the new Illuminati. In the political world there are more connections than most realize, at least beyond ex-Burgher Ron Paul's run for President. I watched the HBO movie Recount last week. Any political junkie know the big Pittsburgh(er) connection in the movie? That's too easy. For balance and something a little harder: Here is an interesting article on the race for President in the Washington Post from last weekend. There are several Virginia politicians mentioned in there, anyone know which one has Pittsburgh roots? it might not count as a diasporan technically... maybe better to call them Pittsburgh connections.

I should come up with a prize, but you would have to get both.


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