Thursday, July 31, 2008

same ol same ol

Been away... actually still away, but apologies for the bland posts which are mostly things I left in the system to be posted while I was away. But catching up on news what do we learn?

Football: What is up with the Steelers ownership melodrama? This has even reached into the musings of the NYT Freakonomics column which has a copy of Art Rooney's letter to his children portending the situation his sons now face. Professor Dubner does not mention it, but is this a classic example of rational expectations?

Baseball: You know its another lame Pirates season when again the opening of training camp displaces all the baseball news. I say it's a well thought out plan to put out news on trading deadline moves during the Steelers camp news crescendo. It hides the capitulation that is now an annual ritual. What other place in the country with a major league professional baseball team has its media coverage seconded to what happens to the football teams punter even. Which is a good excuse to repost this video of Daniel Sepulveda in college. But as for Pirate baseball: ugly.

Casino: Where to begin? Where to end might be a better question. I actually think that the North Shore site where this is all supposed to be built must be vexed or something. That same site is where Riverboat gambling was supposed to go at one point. Thus far the only 'winner' in the current casino imbroglio is John Connelly who was able to finally unload the parcel which he had been stuck with since buying it in anticipation of the Riverboat gambling license. Be careful what you anticipate may be a lesson for the here and now. Summary: uglier.

Casino/SEA/Arena: Some things really are odd in the fundamental fact that the media can't get a clear answer over who and how the arena bonds will be paid. I think we will have to get back to this, but for the moment: What Fester said.

Foreclosures: What O said.

more to follow.


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