Wednesday, August 13, 2008

everyone needs a job

Small newsoid today saying former City Councilman Len Bodack has only now resigned from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority because he is applying for a job with them. Not quite sure which of the jobs they have listed online he may be interested in. Either Director of Engineering or Part time Customer Service Rep both seem out of line with his interests or skill set? Seriously though, the news blurb says this all came from a letter Len himself sent out announcing this. Any reason the Water and Sewer Authority (a relatively large government by Pennsylvania standards) does not issue a simple PR on a change in its core governance. Almost any public corporation would be obliged to tell the public when a board member resigns. If a board member resigns and nobody knows about it, does it really happen?

Speaking of former council persons and public authorities. Looking at the ALCOSAN web page I was just wondering, is Michael Diven really still on their board?* Hard to tell from his bio online with them which says he is still a state rep and city appointee to the board. Hard to tell if its just an outdated bio or an outdated list of board members. Yes, I could probably make some calls and find out, but thats not the point. Actually, since I drafted this last week and right now it seems the Alcosan site has gone down, but here is the recent cache of board members, but maybe when the site re-emerges it will have updated info.

* Lest anyone really get bent out of shape over that. He isn't, but funny ALCOSAN didn't bother to mention that to the public for so long.


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