Saturday, September 27, 2008

follow those stories - that presidential tie

I mused last week that there was a real possibility of an electoral college tie. I see on the reinvigorated PG ER blog that the Washington Times considered even more pathological tie scenarios that go beyond the electoral college. Now the WSJ is piling on. I will tell you, that if you take the polls where they stand on, it has worked out to an exact tie for the last several weeks I think. Exactly! No movement either way. Some movement in the polls for sure, but if you take each state where they stand you keep getting exactly 269-269.

It could be much worse than the Washington Times suggests. In the event of an electoral college tie, the House of Representatives will elect the president. BUT..... each state gets one vote. Could there be state delegations evenly split who will never be able to choose one way or the other?

Think it's all beyond the pale. It's past a non-zero possibility at least. Long ago I recalled my days as a defense analyst and some of the pathological possibilities that go into planning for presidential succession.