Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ghost of the Pittsburgh Press

I know some folks only read the Trib and not the PG, or just the PG and not the Trib. So just as a public service for the latter, the Trib has the only story I see on the news that the PG is looking at buyouts and then layoffs. Looks ominous.

Media as an industry is a business in search of a model. I once even saw an article that pondered whether newspapers could exist as nonprofits. Could this be the first step toward Pittsburgh finally becoming a one paper town? Some speculate that the same financial issues face the Trib, but are not such an issue because of the financial backing of it's owner. I have no idea the specifics, but if true I'm not sure there is any reason any such financial backing would not continue into the future given that RMS is still listed in the Forbes 400.

As for the future? Should the CP be thinking of a daily version?


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