Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Youth-burgh and more

Trib today covers some stats coming out of the Census' American Community Survey. Something that popped out was an increasingly younger workforce in Pittsburgh of late. If you are reading this, you have heard more than you ought to of my thoughts on these things. If you see my friend Ed's comment, his longer work on the changing demographics of Pittsburgh is online here: A Demographic Overview of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, by Peter A. Morrison. published by RAND in 2003.

Forbes has a quick look at immigrant-less Burgh, a factoid that does not seem to have changed much with the recent census data released.

Forbes also is out with an index of regional housing and rental prices. We show up as having the cheapest rentals in the nation.

and just to show that there is life after Pittsburgh. The NYT has a piece on former Carnegie Museum of Art director Richard Armstrong in his new role at the Guggenheim. I didn't realize it, but the article says he started here in 1981.

and if you thought competition from West Virginia was the only thing that will impact local casino revenues, now there is news of potential casinos in nearby Western Maryland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kill two birds with one stone: Have the PUC deregulate the taxi industry, and immigrant drivers will beat a path to our door. A win-win increase in taxi availability and immigrants. (At least that seems to be how it works in DC).

P.S. This does beg the question why one never has trouble finding a taxi in Phila.--which, presumably, is regulated by the same PUC.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:24:00 PM  

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