Friday, October 03, 2008

Pittsblog - All Stop

Mike has his final comments over on Pittsblog and he is still firing on the uproll as we say.

I've told him we will have to come up with a Phoenix like new Pittsblog at some point in the future, but we will give him his rest for now. Any suggestions for what we could pitch to him for a revamped Pittsblog? Maybe Pittsblog could become the home for all the wayward bloggers who have moved away from the arena of late. As you will see Mike was kind enough to list me as guest blogger over there. That started when I filled in for him while away once and since I have pretty much fallen away. I should have put more stuff up over there, but my honest concerns were that my daily typing would water down Mike's more measured thoughts and more importantly Mike probably didn't need some of the aggravation I sometimes cause... not that he would have minded.

Mike sure sounds a bit of a downer in his last few posts. If you know Mike himself then you know he isn't like that at all which makes what he says all the more worth thinking about. I have not talked to him about it, but his tone and message sound awfully familiar to me. I won't begin to name names, but there have been a lot of people in town who have come to much the same conclusions that Mike has. Especially in academia, few have found interaction with the political or policy process Downtown very rewarding. Say something that goes against what is seen as the collective direction the powers that be want to say and basically your life becomes kind of miserable... or at the very least the costs far outweigh the benefits of such interaction. The desire for serious debate and discourse is at times virtually nonexistent. Mike had lots of great things to contribute.... and as he points out he still is and and will continue to contribute on his own. But you still have to wonder why he was not asked to contribute even more. I have seen too many other folks in town who really are the experts that should be contributing and working on the major issue in town, but have found their contributions unwanted or at the very least unwelcome.

So... not to be a complete downer. I really am talking about a perspective over a decade at least for myself, and really reflections from colleagues who came decades before that even. I have learned a lot from those who came before me and tread a somewhat measured path as a result. If anything I would say things are getting better. So even granting all that Mike is saying as true, it was once much worse as best I can tell. The mere fact that this blog has not been rained down upon is some little progress.. It is something that probably would not have been tolerated a decade ago. So we may still have a long way to go, but progress is there if you look hard enough. ok, I guess that would just make it half a downer.


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