Thursday, October 09, 2008

Real estate watch

Hard(est?) hit by foreclosures, Cleveland's National City Bank is reportedly shopping for buyers and PNC is listed as a potential buyer by a report from up the pike. I am a little unclear where that story broke, but one of the earlier reports I see was from the WSJ's Dan F I bet. If it were to happen, it would be quite a deal for PNC.

Ron D's column in the Trib points out that ranks Pittsburgh's real estate market "experienced a dramatic year-over-year 75.2 percent increase in search activity". What that means??? but Ron seems to say it's a good thing.

Yesterday Ron also reported that "nonresidential construction remained strong in the quarter, with more than $1 billion in contracts awarded. Activity in the January-September period was $2.7 billion, a 13 percent increase compared with the first nine months of 2007. ". Increase?

Read how Monroeville is planning for life after Westinghouse, which is growing rapidly with its planned relocation to Cranberry.

I didn't catch Brian O's column last week which focused on the Zillow data/map on real estate prices within the region that I mentioned a couple months ago. As I said then, look at the map in either link and look at what is happening all around the new Children's Hosptial site.

and not a local story... but some may want to watch this. The Pierce County, Washington Housing Authority has decided to file for bankruptcy.


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