Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so about that intl flight to Amsterdam

I was thinking that the media had not looked into as much as it should the recent news that airport landing fees here are going up even more. It's a big issue that gets to the competitveness of the airport, let alone the region. If you compare all the ink spent in the 1990's over how important the airline industry was for the region (back when say we had to explain away all the bonds and spending on the new terminal) to the minimal notice of the issue today... curious. but you have to wonder whether any airline will want to add any more flights than they have to in the current circumstances.... and airport finances are a topic unto themselves that have not been looked at too much.

If you ignore my own quote, there was a good writeup on the implications of the airline industry here by Dan F. some time ago.. see How to factor reliable air service into the growth equation. It's from 2004 which is an interesting perspective. At the time the loss of USAir jobs was bad, but I don't think even then anyone fully contemplated just how utter the collapse of the airline industry and air service would be in a few more years. Let's hope my quote was at least half right... if what everyone tried to say in the 1990's that air service was the key to regional growth, then the converse would mean things are real bad here these days.

That is all being swamped right now by the bigger airline news that Delta is acquiring Northwest. The vagaries of the airline industry and how it is changing is way beyond me. Just a guess, but I bet this is not good news for the hope we had of getting a direct Pittsburgh-Amsterdam flight which was going to be KLM.. but I honestly base that on nothing concrete. It almost happened I hear. What it means for the future of flight availability in general here I won't even guess. Can it get worse?

Which leaves me with two thoughts...

1) Who is USAir going to merge with next?

2) You couldn't pay me to take Ken's job these days.

update: I really had not seen this when I first posted the above. By the IHT and NYT have a piece on point today: Airports are expanding, but timing couldn't be worse. We get an honorable mention in there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, who is "Ken"?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Ken Zapinski said...


It's a great job, Chris, except for the sleepless nights and the hair loss.

Thursday, October 30, 2008 10:08:00 AM  

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