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It is probably too late if you are just reading this now, but today (Monday) is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania if you want to vote next month. A lot of people may think they are registered, but are still registered where they used to live. So if you are not going to be able to get to your previous residence on election day, you may need to re-register as well. If you are Downtown and really want to register today, you probably want to go right over to the county elections department on the 6th floor of the county office building by 5pm today.

But from earlier in the year. This won't tell you exactly where to vote, but you can figure out what voting district (precinct) you live in with some maps I made last year which work in Google maps. These are some Google Map overlays of local voting district maps I put up earlier, here are some Google map overlays for City of Pittsburgh Neighborhoods also, the KMZ file directly. Also if you are not quite sure what congressional district you are in you can look at my overlays of Pennsylvania Congressional Districts since there are a few contested races going on locally.

Also, I see BurgherJon mentioned a Google Beta thing called Google Vote. But I can't get anything to come up when I try it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am guessing is not associated with Google.

1. Google likes to keep its domain name consistent. So in keeping with,,, etc., they would probably have named this application (or perhaps

2. The second 'o' in the logo is a square. That is very un-Google-like.

3. See this link: was registered through Dirt Cheap Domains and has no contact or technical information of any sort. Compare that to Google's entry to see the difference.

I expect the people who are probably infringing on Google's trademark to disappear down the memory hole very soon. It is a very good idea, though.

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