Friday, November 07, 2008

and the elk voted for......

There are some obvious jokes to be made in this... but from the York Daily Record is a funny story about how:

Elk County voted for Obama? Seriously?

That's there headline, not mine, for the record. Didn't one side have an elk hunter on the ticket? (elk.. moose, what do I know?). Somebody might have wanted to let the elk into the yard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a native of Elk County... I was surprised.. but not that surprised. It has a very heavy concentration of manufacturing employment (highest share of employment in the state) and is extremely Catholic (also highest in the state)... which leads to a huge Democratic registration advantage... even if it's a sparsely populated county in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the Catholic thing has meant a bit of a right-ward turn in voting lately due to the "abortion" issue... but Elk Countians overcame that this time around. Elk has long been the "bluest" county in north-central PA.

I'm also proud of Elk County because it is just about the most racially and culturally homogeneous place you can find... everyone is Catholic... coming from 4 ethnicities: German, Italian, Irish and Polish. I could've went years growing up there without seeing a black person in town. Yet Elkers voted for a black man for president. Perhaps Biden's Catholicism and Scranton roots helped a bit... though it apparently didn't help Kerry in 2004.

Elk County's demographics differ from neighbors like Clearfield, McKean and Jefferson. While rural poverty is rampant in many of these places, Elk County has one of the lowest poverty rates in the state (I attribute it to the manufacturing economy that was so strong until recently). Educational attainment (esp. H.S. graduation) is also much higher than neighbors.

And on a personal note... I always found Elk to be much less "redneck" than its neighbors as well lol.

I think these factors could have impacted Elk's outlier vote. Kinda amazing that remote Elk could go for Obama, yet heavily populated counties in Metro PGH defied their Democrat histories and went to McCain.

Friday, November 07, 2008 2:09:00 PM  

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