Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cleveland, the media, NatCity and looking for the bogeyman

I mentioned this was happening, but you can now download the MP3 file that is a chat with the reporter who wrote the story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer looking at Pittsburgh that everyone here is gushing over... and everyone in Cleveland is gnashing over. It's worth listening through to the end. It must have about 10 times the content of the print story in itself.

A friend told me recently that there is a theory up in Cleveland that goes like this... National City was actually doing ok, not great, but certainly not about to fail.. but that its problems all came from a lack of confidence induced by years of bashing by the Cleveland Plain Dealer up there. While I have to believe that is just simply a case of groupthink transference.... listening to the Pittsburgh love-fest on that chat makes me wonder a bit. Seriously, listen to the chat. As much as we have our own version of self-loathing, it's just hard to imagine that any local media person could write/say some of that and risk being seen in public here ever again. Remember what we did with the poor fellow from Denver who made the mistake of dis'ing us.