Monday, November 17, 2008

more from San Diego

Even national NPR had a segment on the odd final score of the Steelers game. They say its the first time in some 12K games that 11-10 was a final score. But does that represent the true odds of it happening? How long before it happens again? The statisticians out there might be able to come up with a more precise probability of getting to a final score like that.

Via Modesihouse is something worth noting on what the ref's mistake at the end of the game meant. Either way the Steelers won, but the negated 6 points could have made a 1 point spread into a 7 point spread which made all the difference in the world to the sports book where the Chargers were 4.5 point underdogs. So that last call by the ref made a lot of winners into losers and vice versa. According to Deadspin, that adds up to at least $64 million dollar swing among the bettors. Where is Jimmy the Greek when you need him? There has to be a Nick Perry story in this somehow. Too many 4's and 6's involved to be coincidence.

Looks like the NYT is even running a story of how the Steelers game caused chaos in Las Vegas. Worth a read.


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