Thursday, December 18, 2008

AntiRust Redux

The Pittsburgh City Paper delves into some Burghosphere history, whether it knows it or not. The book section article talks about recent author Sam M. who was also the the author of the now-quiescent AntiRust blog which was a must read for a lot of us whether we agreed with him or not. Ending manifesto-less, Antirust was unheralded in it's demise, unlauded in it's impact and now even unmentioned in the CP article. Read all about Sam and The Urban Hermit: A Memoir which sounds like it may take personal introspection to a new level.

What we learn among a lot of other things (tmi)? He went to Yale . He's still ok though. The most fascinating thing to me? I bet Sam is the only strict libertarian over in the Pitt English department.

So hopefully Sam gets some more free press around town, although I hear Bob H, the book editor over at the PG took the buyout offer. Elsewhere in the country, book sections in local papers have been endangered species. Just wondering if there will even be a book editor down there in the future. If you didn't catch the related news, the PG has offered another buyout down there which is not a great sign given that they got a lot of folks to take the first offer. Makes you wonder how small a newsroom are they targeting down on the Blvd of the Allies?


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