Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cleveland stream of consciousness

I feel for Clevelanders these days, they really must be developing a collective neurosis at this point. Not only are they put out by relatively negative comparisons to Pittsburgh in their own paper, but recently there was a big bruhaha over some ill-advised comments insulting Clevelanders by a New York City talking head. You can read about it in:

NYC says sorry to Cleveland with free tickets to Broadway shows

Then yesterday the news up the pike is that Continental is canceling their Cleveland to Paris flight... not long after Delta announced it is adding a Pittsburgh to Paris flight here. That should not be interpreted as gloating. Seriously the Cleveland to Paris flight was only started this year and it's demise is a warning that it's a tough market to sustain as Pittsburgh pins its 'international' airport status on the new flight. I just remember all the talk about how it was all the Pittsburgh firms with ties to Germany that made the Frankfurt flight so crucial. Will be be seeing stories about our new French connections soon?

and then there is this football game to look forward to. In fact, the main Cleveland football stories today start with this article all about Dan Rooney and Bill Cowher. So poor Cleveland fans can't escape reading about Pittsburgh. Just a random thought, however one describes the relationship of the Rooney's with Pittsburgh, it must come close to the opposite of the feelings Clevelanders have for former Browns owner Art Modell.

and more an aside since it's not about Cleveland... but actually even closer to Pittsburgh there is news that unemployment rates are rising dramatically across Southeast Ohio. Again, when you consider the big auto layoffs have not hit those numbers yet, there are going to be pockets of some pretty bad labor force numbers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Captain Doom has returned, this time about the Paris flight. You cannot look at this flight as "a flight to Paris". That was the mistake USAirways made with the old flights. This flight is a long spoke to one of the biggest and most efficient hubs in the world: Charles de Gaulle (CDG). It will not rely upon connecting traffic--as the Continental flight from Cleveland did--but upon Origination and Destination traffic from our region heading to, yes, Paris, but also the approximately 85 other European, Middle Eastern, and North African destinations one will be able to reach before noon the following day. Moreover, when Continental left the Sky Team Alliance (Delta, Air France, KLM, et al.) for the Star Alliance (United, US Airways, Lufthansa, et al.), it lost the ability for its Cleveland passengers to make seamless transfers without re-checking their luggage at CDG. The Delta flight will to able to take advantage of those options.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 9:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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