Monday, December 15, 2008

Da plane! Da plane!

I know the real Browns' fans will not like this. Shannon Sharp's making an argument on the NFL radio network that goes like this. From the full NFL rulebook:

Rule 11: Scoring
Section 2 Touchdown

Article 1 It is a touchdown (3-38):
  • (a) when a runner advances from the field of play and the ball touches the opponents’ goal line (plane); or
  • (b) while inbounds any player catches or recovers a loose ball (3-2-3) on or behind the opponents’ goal line.
  • (1) The ball is automatically dead at the instant of legal player possession on, above, or behind the opponents’ goal line.
  • (2) The Referee may award a touchdown when a palpably unfair act deprives the offended team of one.
  • (3) For a foul after a touchdown (between downs), see 3-11-2-a and 14-5.
Which has a bit of ambiguity. The 'break the plane' rule is only in part (a) of the touchdown definition and there is a (b). Part B does not say anything about the plane being broken. Shannon seems to imply the "or behind the opponents’ goal line" applies to the player. Should be some fodder for the sports-talk folks I imagine.

and down in Baltimore, they have a sports columnist literally named Schmuck?


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