Saturday, December 27, 2008

Historic Steelers game Sunday

If football was as manic about statistics as baseball, someone would already be quoting exactly how many times in all of NFL history a team has started its 4th string quarterback as the neoBrowns are against the Steelers. The scale of demoralisation up there can be read in comments on that from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's blog/article.

I really wonder why the local papers (daily papers that is... CP does have comments though I am not sure they are used all that much) don't implement more commenting. Some of the articles in Cleveland get hundred of comments routinely. That has to add up to some palpable traffic. Maybe there just isn't a market for that type of thing here. Certainly in some corners of the burghosphere folks are going to comment. But are Pittsburghers as a whole just not so apt to interact that way?

and to be nice to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, it is worth noting that I do like their datacentral blog on their web site.