Monday, December 22, 2008

Year of the Billboard

First off, I really was joking when I said that once Pat Ford had finally moved on there wouldn't be enough fodder for the Burghosphere to continue on. Remembering what lead to that and the Burgh Report's connection to it all: this old PG editorial is a classic. It has a great quote that really sums up how odd things have become:
As first reported, we think, on The Burgh Report, the blog authored by Alecia Sirk, who has since Sept. 24 been the press secretary to Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, went dead some time yesterday evening.
Prophesy? So over a year ago we had the media commenting on blogs reporting on blogs. Seems to be a trend of sorts. At the end of the day, Alecia was quite a trend setter and certainly a change-agent. For anyone who thinks they can predict the future, who would have dreamed that Pittsburgh's Person of the year was a bunch of unpowered transistors attached to a bus station.

So it is fitting that the Burgh Report closed its doors just a few hours before the City Zoning board ruled that the Downtown electronic board at the Greyhound Station does not meet code. What goes around comes around and back we are at square one again. Is that story over with? Not even close. It's already built right? Somebody is going to be paying for that thing. But that story also screwed up something I was tracking. I was going to try and get Nexis to figure out how many days we have gone without having "Pat Ford" appear in the local news, but it was too hard to do quickly. We must have been close to a record. Gotta start over there too.

You just couldn't make this stuff up. Only in Pittsburgh.


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