Sunday, January 11, 2009

Carpe Trigonem*

This was my trailing comment the other day, but it deserves a post unto itself. Does anyone doubt that Myron played a roll in the Titans loss to the Ravens. First the Titans stomp on the Terrible Towel in a way that almost got Bill Cowher to return to coaching. If anyone saw him on the CBS post-game following the Steelers loss to the Titans it was a real Pittsburgh moment. He is nowadays a semi-objective network pundit, but for a brief moment the jaw was out and there may have even been some spit spewing forth. Some in the Volunteer State, including the Titans' head coach, realized quickly the magnitude of what happened.

Think about it, the top seed team lost to the last seed team because of a series of completely out of character fumbles and interceptions, most of which were well into their opponents territory. Low probability events happen, but Myron out there might have facilitated a few of those loose balls.

I really think it was not just the disrespect over the Terrible Towel itself which was not much beyond the emotion of the game... But then apparently the Titans felt they could emulate the idea. For their game against the Ravens they gave out thousands of their own light blue towels to everyone. One version was even named the "Titans Towel" which is like the sound nails can make against chalkboards. If they thought they were being cute they missed the point. The San Diego crowd for their part, has more clue. Read San Diego's coverage of what the Terrible Towel really means. The Titans organization seems to think the Terrible Towel is not much more than a marketing gimmick.

If I were them, the Titans organization really needs to send a donation to the Allegheny Valley School if there is any hope of getting past the bad karma.

The real score of that game:

Myron 13 - Titans 10

* OK, I thought that translates to Seize the ball, but I am not so sure. Don't trust the internet for everything. Anyone know better? Carpe follis?