Friday, January 30, 2009

City Council a go go

So I hear a rumor there is a city council race coming up.. several in fact. Not only a special election next week for District #2, but contested elections in several city council districts. Which just got me thinking about how different city council districts are. Here is something worth thinking about, Districts 2 and 4 which are getting the most buzz because there are no incumbents running in either are at least relatively the districts most likely to vote Republican. At least in the results from November, if not by registration.

Here is how Obama did in both the General and Primary elections last year brokendown by City of Pittsburgh Council District. Obama did win every city council district in the general, but only in District 4 did he fall below 60%. In the primary election Obama won 6 of 9 districts, and again district 4 came in with the lowest Obama support at just over 30%.
I will let others ponder what it means, but the lesson may just be that city council districts are not peas in a pod.

Percentage Obama - November 2008 General Election by City Council District in the City of Pittsburgh

Percentage Obama - April 2008 Primary Election by City Council District in the City of Pittsburgh


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