Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pittsburgh and the world

More Detroit-Pittsburgh comparisons. From Crain's Detroit Business: Detroit's 'obituary' is being rewritten.

and it's just a half sentence, but even the Financial Times points out Pittsburgh in a global look at where regional investments are expected to fare better and worse in 2009.

and for the most random news reference of the week. The USAToday uses us as a reference to explain the size of Iceland when it says:
Iceland, a country of 304,000 people — slightly less populous than Pittsburgh — saw its banking system grow in the last decade to nine times its economic output, fueled largely by deposits and investments from abroad in a major retooling of its economy.

Which makes me wonder several things. Is it the Superbowl that puts Pittsburgh on the tip of every writer's pen? Are the Toledo powers that be upset they were not used as the reference to the size of a sovereign nation? Who would Iceland appeal to if they thought their official population count was too small? Why do they not get mad that they are perceived as smaller than Toledo? But with only a marginal bit of seriousness... consider that Iceland recently received over $2 Billion in loans from the International Monetary Fund. Maybe the City can appeal to the same source for assistance with it's debt and pension liability. $2 billion might just do it.


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