Thursday, January 08, 2009


I pulled this graphic earlier for possible blog-fodder, but I see like minds are ahead of me. Jim R. already mentioned how popular theNYT article is. Most of Thursday the NYT's 'most popular' list looked like this:

And just because I see #10 is about Denver. I am reminded that we all need to be kind to the visiting reporters that will be coming to town for the San Diego game. Who can forget our BFF from Colorado: Denver's Bill Johnson and his infamous columns about Pittsburgh before and after the 2006 AFC Championship game. It's just such a Pittsburgh story.

Johnson was not the first journalist to be inspired to write about Pittsburgh because of a football game. Not to mention this because of my own quote in there, but worth a read is a column written by Seattle's Bill Virgin leading up to the Superbowl a few weeks after Johnson's piece. It's a diaspora story as well actually. I forget the specifics, but I think Mr. Virgin told me at the time he was from near Pittsburgh in West Virginia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At some point the positive press from other parts of the country has to make an impact. I know there are probably a lot of ex-Pittsburghers who e-mailed this story to others, but there have to be some New Yorkers who might be getting ideas on where they can do business, or even relocate if life in New York gets bad enough.

Friday, January 09, 2009 8:30:00 AM  

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