Saturday, January 10, 2009

What would Sally say?

When does that Forbes list come out ranking the best places for young people? It better come out soon or else folks will start to think even they like us, they really do like us. Just in the last week Forbes has Pittsburgh listed at or near the top for both job growth and housing market strength.

and more fallout from the NYT piece on Pittsburgh. Freakonomics is amazed that anyone could write a story about Pittsburgh and not mention the Steelers. We agree. Also, Pittsburgh's more regular mole close to the NYT hierarchy, Holly Brubach, writes about Dick LeBeau in theNYT as well. Think those stories are unconnected? LeBeau-Steelers-Brubach-Housing..... I hate to ask, but I wonder if the Granite building has been able to sell its units?

so my obligatory Steelers musings.....

Game is going to be cold at kickoff. Those who have been to San Diego know that such temps are not ever thought of out there. It might hit 80 today even (in SD that is). However cold it gets Sunday, I was at the AFC Championship game in 2005. The news account says it was 11 degrees at kickoff on the field back then. As night went on it must have gotten colder and at altitude (i.e. section 530ZZ or something like that where I was) it must have been more than a few degrees colder. I was completely numb so I can't even guess what the temperature was by the end of the game. I am sure someone has this info at their fingertips, but I wonder what the coldest Steelers game ever was? I remember watching on TV a game in Cincinnati when I was a kid that had some temperature so low it was a real health issue for the players.

BTW... if there is anyone out there looking to part with tickets to the potential Steelers game in Nashville for a semi-reasonable price.. send me an email. Seriously. Well, forget that. Titans got what they deserved not just for stomping on the Terrible Towel, but for distributing those blue towels to everyone. Bad karma and they just don't get it. Myron himself probably kicked a few of those balls loose. Turnovers like that don't just happen to top seed teams. Really.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure someone has this info at their fingertips, but I wonder what the coldest Steelers game ever was?

I think we can assume that whoever was at that steelers game has nothing on their fingertips.

Only in Pittsburgh does an economic blogs mention their football team...frequently. Here we go steelers!

Sunday, January 11, 2009 12:19:00 PM  

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